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The benefits of transfers?


The overwhelming majority of people who have been fortunate enough to be a member of a defined benefit (also known as ‘final salary’) occupational pension scheme should stay with it. After all, there is not much wrong with a guaranteed, inflation-linked inc...

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Your shrinking pension allowances


The cuts and adjustments made to the two main pension allowances since 2011 have made retirement planning all the more complex.

The lifetime allowance, which sets an effective tax-efficient ceiling on the total value of pension benefits, was £1,8...

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Brexit: the deed is done, now what?


The outcome of the Referendum last year confounded the predictions of the opinion polls, the bookies and the markets. All three ended the working day on 23 June with the assumption that the Remain side would win, albeit by a small margin.


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Estate planning with your pension


It may sound strange, but your pension could be the last thing you should draw on in retirement.

Over the last five tax years the amount paid in inheritance tax (IHT), nearly all of which is collected on death, has risen by over 70%. However, there is ...

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UK General elections and the stock market


Over the long run, the UK market has provided substantial returns no matter who lives at No 10. Please have a look at the attached article from Dimensional Fund Advisors on this subject


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